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Our pest control experts are not only professionally trained and licensed, all our operations are fully insured and carefully monitored from inspection to treatment of your home and business spaces

With the most advanced technology and developments in the termite removal industry, our friendly and professional pest control experts will fully eliminate your termite problem and avoid further structural damage. 

To make sure that all bed bugs are GONE in ONE SINGLE TREATMENT, our professionally trained pest control experts perform heat and spray treatment to wipe out all bed bug life stages.

Our services also cater from pre-treatment preparations to post-treatment monitoring within 30 days of warranty.

Home Guard Pest is Wisconsin's
Most Trusted Bed Bug Treatment and Pest Control Experts

Believe you me! Our licensed and insured pest control professionals can eliminate common residential and commercial pests.


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Anything Bugging You? Home Guard Solutions is Here to Help You

Why are we the best pest control company? We simply get the job done. By staying true to our standards and safety protocols, Home Guard Solutions will continue to serve and provide the best pest control services in Wisconsin and neighboring areas.

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Our Clients’ Satisfaction is the Priority

The most important thing in our pest control services is that we achieve not only the acceptable but the complete satisfaction our clients deserve. Our reviews can explain how much thought and effort we put into our work while making sure a pest-free home and business environment suitable for your budget.

Proven and Tested Protocols

Home Guard Solutions is a Trusted Source For Professional Extermination Solutions


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Emergencies happen all the time that’s why our lines are open 24/7. You can consult with our pest control expert over the phone and get an estimate upon appointment.


Free Estimate

While we make sure that we are transparent in our pest control operations, we make sure to provide you a free estimate before we proceed with the treatment.

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Our licensed and insured pest control professionals will inspect and monitor all areas of your residence or commercial space especially the common nooks where pests are found.



Along with our most advanced pest control technology, our treatments follow a strict safety protocol and most effective strategy attained in years of professional experience.



While our pest control professionals make sure that your pest problem is fully eliminated, we also offer a 30-day warranty to give you insurance.



Our pest control experts will not let you down. If problems still exists—which is very less likely—our team can fully monitor and treat the problem.

Serving the Area, Getting the Job Done For You

To be completely honest, eliminating bed bugs, termites, and other pests at home or in your business establishments is what we are EXPERTS at. While our friendly and professional pest control experts make sure that pests are gone in One Single Treatment, our pest elimination standards and safety protocols never fail throughout years of professional experience.