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Flying Ant or Termite Swarmer?

Here’s how you can tell. Still not sure?
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We are termite solution experts providing the most advanced termite protection available. We use the highest quality materials and equipment to achieve total control, guaranteed! Home Guard Solutions uses Altriset (WHICH IS NON- TOXIC TO HUMANS AND PETS) and Termidor around the entire perimeter of your home to provide 100% colony elimination. A computerized, injection system is used to eliminate human error from mixing. The injecto-matic is the most advanced way to inject termiticides. No contamination, no guessing on the right amount to mix and it’s always accurate. Using the most advanced thermal imager, allows Advanced to pinpoint the exact location of your termite infestation without opening your walls or guessing, saving you thousands in repairs.

Advanced is different then most companies. We don’t just treat houses for termites, we kill termite colonies in your house. This method is the most advanced approach to protecting your home. We use a combination of all existing treatment methods to protect your home from termites. No short cuts with us, we do it right the first time!

Spotting a Termite Infestation

flying ant vs termite swarmer
  • Swarming insects inside or outside.
    (These are the reproductive termites with wings)
  • Small white insects in the ground, mulch or under wood or rocks.
  • Small holes in wood.
  • Sagging doors or floors.
  • Crumbling drywall.
  • Mulch or firewood against your home.
  • Moisture problems.
  • Neighbors have termites.

Home Guard Solutionsis a full-service pest control provider. We have specialized techs trained for residential, commercial, industrial, & multi-tenant apartment structures. Call Home Guard Solutions we have a solution for your pest control needs.

Termite Treatment Options

Home Guard Solutions offers both localized and full structure termite treatments for Subterranean & Drywood Termites. Not every home or commercial building is the same. Termites attack from all angles. Home Guard Solutions professionals will evaluate your home or business and recommend the solution that is best for your property.

Treatment for subterranean termite

man in drill soil barrier

Soil Barrier

An Home Guard Solutions Pro will perform a thorough examination of your home by checking your structure for signs of termites. Soil Barrier treatments can also create a soil barrier to help prevent future termite infestations.

After a detailed inspection, we dig a small 6”x6” trench around the outside perimeter of your entire home. We then inject Altriset/Termidor into the ground to the top of the footer or 4’. Once this is complete, we fill the small trench with Altriset/Termidor then cover the trench back up. Front porches, back porches and slabs of concrete are drilled every foot against the structure and Altriset/Termidor is injected beneath them. The holes are skillfully sealed with hydraulic cement to provide a waterproof seal.

Now it’s time to treat all of the exposed wood in the basement/crawl space of your home. Termites eat the sugar (cellulose) in wood. Treating the wood with an all-natural mineral changes the sugar in the wood to a salt. This will prevent termites from eating the wood. There is no odor and you do not need to leave your home. We also offer Termidor Dry and foam for areas inside or sensitive areas of your home.

We are a paperless company, so we contact you via e-mail to schedule and renew your warranty. You can renew your warranty for a lifetime and it will stay with your home if you move. All renewals are renewed in January of each year regardless of when your treatment was performed. You must renew your warranty to be covered.

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