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Home Guard Solutions has the solution for any bed bug problem you may have.  Your life of Bed Bug Free is one treatment away, with up to a one year warranty. Bed Bugs have become a widespread epidemic, and we are here to provide the best solution to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your home.

If you are not already hearing about the widespread epidemic of Bed Bugs, then we are here to inform you that the problem is very real! Outbreaks are being reported all over the states, affecting hotels, residential housing, college dormitories, movie theaters, thrift stores and even famous clothing stores.

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Ant Control Services

Every year Home Guard Solutions’ customers report ants more than any other pest. So many people think killing ants is as simple as spraying the ants that they see. It just doesn’t work that way. At any given time ant colonies only send out 10% or less of its workers to forage for food. So, if you are perfect in your treatment your best score will be 10%. Now 10% may be passing in some schools today, but it’s not good enough to control an ant colony.

Home Guard Solutions’ has developed a treatment that is so effective against ants we guarantee it 100%. Killing the ants that you see is the wrong approach. Allowing those ants to carry materials back to the colony and feed them all or allow the material to spread throughout the colony is the fastest and most effective way to kill the colony. Home Guard Solutions has a two-step process that will eliminate your ants from your home. No odor or fumes. Your children and pets will be safe as well. No you do not have to leave during the treatment.

Home Guard Solutions can also protect your home against carpenter ants. Carpenter ants do not eat wood but simply remove it to create a nest for their colony. Each colony of carpenter ants has about 6-8 nests that support the colony. That said killing one nest doesn’t mean you have solved the problem. Carpenter ants can travel up to 100 yards from their nest. This makes treating all the nests difficult if your yard doesn’t have all of the nests. Luckily, ATC has the right material for this issue. If you suspect you have carpenter ants, go outside with a flashlight between the hours of 10pm and 2am. This is when they are most active. Anyone and everyone who has a carpenter ant issue needs to have a termite inspection. Termites are the primary food source for carpenter ants. This is nothing to play around with.

We offers full ant control over all ants with no exceptions with our Annual Protection Program. With this program you are covered not only for ants but every other type of pest as well. This advanced program also covers termites and provides bed bug insurance. One treatment with a full year of a pest free home.

Home Guard Solutions also offers a one-time service for just ants. We will provide our advanced ant treatment and it will be guaranteed. No gimmicks no fine print just results.

Home Guard Solutions has developed do it yourself kits for those who want to take care of it themselves. Our kits are custom built and come with the exact same materials that we use every day.

Our DIY Kits come with a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.